Should Christians have Disney+?

Should Christians subscribe to Disney Plus, the streaming channel? It does include a few Narnia films. But Disney Plus also includes Marvel films, and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe there are several Norse gods like Thor and Loki. There is also a Scarlet Witch. At least the witch in the Narnia films is a white witch. (I’m a Wagner fan so I like stuff about Norse gods, so maybe my opinion should not count.)

@Dale what do you think? Trying to get some serious conversations going here.

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I must admit seeing the title of this thread at the top of the forum gave me a wtf moment. Seemed a very unlikely title for Bible discussion but now it makes sense.

I honestly don’t really understand how anyone can think Psalm 137:9 is the inspired word of God and be worried about fictional Marvel movies. Disney plus is far more wholesome and family friendly than much of the OT. Just my $0.02. If we had to get rid of one, well, I’ll be watching Loki in June.



I am curious about your concerns, @ beaglelady I don’t like the theme of revenge much, but my kids love the Avengers, and my wife goes through it with them to make sure they know and learn the right things. My family loves Disney Plus. I don’t really ever watch things, but I know they like it.

I can’t imagine anyone would actually have any negative consequences from watching it. After all the Bible talks about dragons, other gods, and they took stories from other religions and flipped them.

When I think of people genuinely worried about it what comes to mind is the whole “ satanic panic” scene and things like where people swore after watching Harry Potter their kids was possessed by demons and so on.

When it comes to other gods what Yahweh seems to be worried about id worshipping them.

But I think a subscription to Shudder is way better.

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I’m not your man for this, sorry. I’m a cord cutter, so to speak, except we still keep a land line telephone, and I resist streaming subscription services except basic Amazon Prime. (We have a more than adequate selection of OTA channels. If you wanted to talk about Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR, I could help you there.) Our internet is over-the-air, too – line-of-sight to an internet antenna on a cell tower two miles away, and we’re beyond reach for cable, for now (we wouldn’t subscribe, anyway).

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I could be wrong, but I think in general it’s a question about what’s sinful for Christians to watch, and not just strictly D+.

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I’m not among those who thought that Harry Potter movies were a bad influence – the line between good and evil was pretty distinct, and kids know what is pretend and what isn’t. (We don’t watch that much, and my grandkids moved from down the road from @EastwoodDC, 670 miles away, to more than double that. :confused:)

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My sister subscribed to Disney Plus mainly for the Star Wars franchise. I imagine its content to be the most violent in Disney Plus, though I’m not sure since Disney acquired 21st Century Fox. There is a lot of stuff in Disney Plus, but I mainly watch Star Wars, so I don’t really care much.

That being said, I’m way more concerned about other websites that children frequently use like Youtube.


As the vast majority of Christians think they’re are happy with the myth - i.e. fiction - of redemptive violence, of ‘Vengeance is mine’, sayeth the Lord, of God the Killer, God the default Damner, who requires our grovelling terrified acceptance of penal substitutionary Child sacrifice, what’s the problem?

As someone who spent the week rewatching the last two Avengers movies…

Is there a problem with bring exposed to other beliefs/religions? I don’t think media via movies is the most dominant way that people decide their beliefs anyway…And I don’t think anyone watches Thor for Tom Hiddleston (Loki), anyway. :smirk:

Should Christians also not subscribe to HBO because it has Game of Thrones? or Hulu because it shows The Bachelor? In my opinion, if you don’t want to watch things you find objectionable, then don’t. But there is probably plenty of content on each service (and even cable), that you may find valuable enough to outweigh what you don’t watch. Think about how many channels cable gives you and how many you regularly watch.

Ha! I renamed it for better understanding.


LOL Bless. My parents were opposed for a long time and then they couldn’t resist it anymore. I didn’t turn out any worse for the wear. :rofl:


Likewise, we’ve been rewatching the MCU over the last month or so. We wanted to be able to watch WandaVision and Falcon in and the Winter Soldier in context.

Personally, I think the MCU films have a lot for thoughtful reflection around themes like power and responsibility, the nature of evil, the value of life, friendship, love, many ethical issues, and, of course, sacrifice.

As a life long lover of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, I have come up against various views over the year. Some reaching utter fever-pitched hysteria at the launch of the Harry Potter books/films.

Eventually, though, I have come to see that whether Christian’s should watch this, that, or the other, largely comes down to conscience. And as such, I try to deploy the same approach Paul advocates in Romans 14.

Some can watch almost anything and find edification in it. And that fine.* Others cannot. I do not pass judgement on those who prefer not to watch Sci-Fi and likewise, I hope that they do not judge me for my love of it. Similarly, if I know a particular person takes issue with these types of films/books/games, etc., then I make a concerted effort not to talk about it around them. The reason being that I do not want to put a stumbling block in their way.

*Obviously, there are exceptions to this general principles. Eg. Pornography.


My copies of the Harry Potter books have almost as many notes in margin as my Bible… :grimacing:

You are right to be curious. This post wasn’t meant to be taken seriously! I love Disney Plus


LOLOL. Have you heard of the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast? I think it would be RIGHT up your alley!!


I still remember the craze. I had a friend whose parents grounded him because he was caught watching Catdog and the Bible teaches that each one only has its kind after itself. They talked about the Harry Potter opening up a doorway for demons also. I still remember my mom joking about making sure I don’t tell them I just watched Brides of Dracula lol. But then shortly later she went down a similar boat but luckily my dad cared less snd it ultimately was never enforced really. I just locked my doors as a kid to my bedroom so I could watch tales from the crypt , tales from the dark side and so on lol.


Owwww. Looks interesting. Thanks, Hilary!

Surely, it would right up my Diagon Alley, no? :smirk:


STOP IT I am crying :rofl:


I need to jump back in, but start at the beginning! They do one chapter a week and look at it through the lens of a theme, and use practices usually used in things like scripture study to delve into what the theme means.

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Disney doesn’t own the rights to Harry Potter. That would be Universal, and actually Disney and Universal and Disney are rivals. But the Harry Potter books have excellent morals, which is probably why they anger so many conservatives.

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