Shauna Niequist | Let’s Sit Here a Little Longer

Shauna Niequist brings her passion for food and her Christian experience to a conversation about how food connects us to the created world and to each other and how our spiritual lives might be nourished around the table.

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This was another fantastic one that at first I was thinking I may not be into it. But over the years I’ve learned that anytime someone is passionate about something you’re most likely to enjoy it when you hear about it. I’ve listened to Alie Ward’s Oologies podcast and have heard podcasts about things that I’m not interested in at all and enjoyed it so much I would spend a few days looking it up.

This one sort of reminded me of the Galapagos Spiritual Journey podcast y’all did a while back. It’s another way to immerse yourself in Gods creation and enjoy nature through eating the foods the world provides. All the textures and tastes. I definitely believe that being good stewards of the land is something Christians are suppose to do and that goes back to how we use it for food.

I’ll have to check it out. Her book I mean. I think if it’s full of food backstories and her own personal life along with food and how we can use it to to come together and praise God.

Jesus definitely seemed to spend a lot of time with people around food. Taking care of their physical needs makes it easier to get them to listen to their spiritual needs.

I definitely support the concept of people cutting back down on meat, and even this gas like coffee after that one podcast that mentioned coffee takes 20+ gallons of water to produce one cup of it and often results in some areas losing out on water.

I listened to another podcast that was with Neil Degrasse on Water from 2015 where he had a panel of experts and they brought up how water is a finite source and it’s often out of equilibrium concerning freshwater in the ground table vs water making its way back. That’s why you can’t just say well I’ll use as much as I want because it will just end up back in the ground.

Anyways fantastic and fun podcast.


“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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