Seven Wonders of the Microcosmos

From dancing molecules to zooming microbes, all of creation declares the glory of God, even the more weird than wonderful.


Nothing in nature declares God however. As nature does not need Him. It is stranger than Him. Furthermore, if He is the ground of being, i.e. of infinite, eternal nature, He goes to infinite lengths to make it looks as if He weren’t. Furthermore to the furthermorth power, He’s even more humble than that. He instantiates the prevenient laws of nature. It does the rest.

The 11 dimensions in the human brain after discussing string theory felt a little misleading or click baitish to me. The link reads:

“According to the Blue Brain Project, the dimensions are not interpreted in the traditional sense of a dimension, which most of us understand.”

So why talk about the extra “dimensions” of string theory before hand if they aren’t the same?