Setting the record straight on the solid sky and flat earth

I’m back.

It is of course a myth that most Christians believed the earth was flat before Columbus. But contrary to a ‘counter-myth’. Some, especially in the Eastern Church (beyond Cosmas), ‘did’. Not to mention, a flat earth was the consensus view among early Rabbis, who discussed where the sun went at night without any suggestion that it stayed in the sky somewhere on earth.

Here’s a thread I wrote on the subject. In the future I’ll be doing a thread on what the Old Testament says. (I’ll also be discussing a possible exception in the New Testament)

And some on the Raqia:

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Interesting how something as strange and always present as the force of gravity was just accepted and ignored until Newton, and without gravity, a spherical earth is nonsense.

The Tower of Babel story is interesting. It describes how God stopped people from building something that could reach the heavens. This seems to support the idea that those ancient cultures believed in a physical thing in the sky.


True, though our churches still have steeples which are figurative in pointing to heaven.I have also read where some feel the tower was built to invite God (or gods) down to earth, which also supports a heavenly abode.

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Yes, I made that point with Jacob’s ladder in one of my threads.

I recall reading the suggestion that the tower of Babel was in effect being built as a monument to pointing to themselves.

Sounds reasonable in light of Ken Ham’s plans to build a replica of the tower in his Ark park.


Right on.  

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I think I remember reading how this sort of thing ended the first time…

Wouldn’t it be something if God changed the languages of the AiG people so that they couldn’t understand each other? Maybe they’ll stop being Cessationist and look for someone who can interpret Tongues?


Is AIG cessationist?

I can’t imagine it’s related if they are.

I’m a cessationist and about as far away from YEC as you can get before stepping into atheism.

The Bible also constantly uses statements like
Coming down and ascending up implying a
Up above.

My atheist father always used to poke fun at the big towers with crossed dipoles on top of local churches: “antennas to God,” he would quip.

They are Cessationist, yes.

I’m not saying that Cessationism and YEC are related, if that’s what you mean. I was merely jesting about two different doctrinal positions they have.

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