Seeking Church History Recommendations

I’m looking for some resources (preferably documentaries that I can listen to or podcasts, not books) that give a good overview of church history. I’m currently listening to the A&E First 1000 Years documentary on YouTube, but looking for stuff for 1000+AD. That covers things like Luther, Wesley, Knox, to more recent people etc.

Got a podcast or something I can listen to?

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Try this:

I have listened to many of these lectures.


I have this one on an SD card in my car:

Although these may better fit your specific interest:



Cool resource! I think I might start with “free” before taking that plunge. But will hang on to this site for future/other topics, too!

If you communicate with the site and get on the mailing list, you will likely get some special offers with deep discounts.

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I’ve seen the PBS series, and thought it pretty good. Probably available on PBS passport and perhaps elsewhere to stream.

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My church adult theology class is in the middle of a series of 4 lectures on Key Christian Thinkers and Their Times The classes are taught via zoom (thanks, covid19) but on the plus side, they are being recorded. The course is taught by The Rev. Canon Robin Ward, Ph.D. , the Principal of St. Stephen’s House, Oxford, an Anglo-Catholic theological college. He has a PhD in patristics and is a good communicator and seems like a nice guy.

Here’s the link to
Key Christian Thinkers and their times

Note that the link to class 3 (the reformation)
hasn’t been posted yet, and class 4 (the 19th century) isn’t scheduled until Aug 30 , but you’ll get an idea of what topics will be covered.

I will let you know when the remaining lecture are posted, if you like.

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Awesome, thank you!!

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Oooh, I’ll have to check this out!

And I see that today the third lecture has been added to the page. This lecture covers the Protestant reformation, a time of reform and controversy.

That’s 3 down and one to go.

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I have watched the 2nd session so far and have really been enjoying! Thank you so much!

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The page has finally been updated with the 4th and final segment, on the 19th century, mostly focused on Anglicanism. You can watch it here

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