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Some time ago I came across an article exposing the popular notion that many scientists support Young Earth Creationism. It may have been here on BioLogos, or possibly on the Patheos website. I would like to track it down as I want to quote it, but have been unsuccessful so far. Does anyone know the article I mean? If so, could you point me in the right direction for it, please? Thanks.

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I don’t know if this is the one you were looking for, but this is one of my favorite blog posts on the subject, from the good folks over at Jesus Creed:

(David Matthew) #3

Brilliant! Thanks, my friend - that’s the very one! I’m so grateful for your prompt reply.

(George Brooks) #4

I have posted, SEVERAL TIMES, showing that a very high percentage of scientists don’t just believe in Evolution … but the great majority of that majority reject the idea that God had anything to do with Evolution.

So… to claim that LOTS of scientists believe in Young Earth Creationism is like saying:

LOTS OF SAND GRAINS ARE GOLD! - - Sure - - if you sift the gold from all the beaches of the country. Because finding the gold in a big box of sand is practically impossible.


(Matthew) #5

You’re right in that there may be a minority of scientists that ‘openly’ accept biblical creation as true and that the majority of scientists (both Christians and, note, non-Christians) openly profess evolution as true, but that doesn’t mean that it is, in fact, true. I would suspect that the majority of people in the world do not believe that Jesus died for our sins. Does that make it true? This is known as appealing to the majority.

The real question should be ‘which ‘theory’ fits the evidence more closely’, which would be closer to real science than just assuming that the majority wins. Science (and even theology) should not be in the form of majority votes, but by empirical research.

From examining much of the evidence that is used by those on both sides of the argument, it seems quite clear to me that evolution just doesn’t cut it.


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Well, your question is really not the question that triggered the creation of the thread by @deemat.

And in the context of his discussion … there are FAR MORE scientists who think Evolution is more acceptable than Young Earth Creationism … with or without God.

And that the majority of this majority, don’t think God has anything to do with evolution at all.

Matt, I encourage you to start a separate thread and you can pitch your specific issues.


(Matthew) #7

You’re absolutely right. But it was in response to your own statement regarding the majority vote.


(Andrew M. Wolfe) #8

George didn’t “appeal to the majority.” George didn’t even state evolution was true, much less that it was true merely because most people think it’s true. He merely stated what the consensus position was, because, believe it or not, lots of people like to lie about the majority opinion by saying it’s not actually the position of 99.9% of scientists, when in point of fact it is.

If you’d like to present your anti-evolution case, you’ll doubtless provoke lively discussion by starting your own comment thread, as George recommended. (I second his recommendation.)

(Matthew) #9

You’re absolutely right. Re-reading the post, I realised I jumped the gun and read more into it than was there. I will consider your suggestion. As I am new here I was hesitant at starting a new thread, but that also means I should have been more careful with my posts. My apologies, George. And thank you AMWolfe for pointing it out.


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