Second dino fossil with bat-like wings discovered in China

(Christy Hemphill) #1

I’m always looking for science stories in the news that my kids would be interested in. Several years ago a bat-winged dinosaur fossil was discovered in China.

A similar fossil was recently discovered, also in China.

These fossils give scientists insights into the evolution of flight. They also show an organism with both proto-feathers and membrane covered wings. And they inspire really cute dinosaur pictures. They’re like little baby dragons. :dragon_face:

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(Phil) #4

Don’t you know that they are just immature baby dragons? Where do you think big dragons come from? This totally proves that dinosaurs co-existed with man.:wink:

(Curtis Henderson) #5

Exactly! Game of Thrones is all we need as evidence to prove dinosaurs and humans co-existed!

(Christy Hemphill) #6

I was just noting to Kathryn last week that BioLogos doesn’t have any resources on dragons. Might have to address that.


That would be helpful. I have often seen dragon legends referenced by YEC organizations as “proof” that humans and dinosaurs coexisted.