Scientists Are Childish (But in a Good Way)

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“When my non-scientist husband and I first started dating, I was in graduate school, and I would bring him to lab parties and events. He soon realized that the best way to get a scientist talking was to ask, “So, what protein do you work on?” Even if they didn’t work on a protein, they would recognize the invitation to geek out over their area of interest. They are not self-conscious at all about this.”

That is so true. Made me laugh.

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“Some of the questions they ask are profound. We were almost to school the other day when Lucy asked, “Is there any number bigger than infinity?” and then, “Is God bigger than infinity?” I paused, breathless with parental joy, before I responded.”

My wife and I are in those stages now with our 10, 7 and 4-year old children. It reminds me of my own father talking about “what is beyond the universe” and “who made God” with me. Wonderful stuff. Thanks.

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