Scientist Spotlight: Georgia M. Dunston

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(Randy) #2

“For me the story of the human genome is an African one.” Excellent discussion. Thank you. This is relevant in many arenas, and not least mine as a family physician.

(Chris Falter) #3

An inspirational interview! Yes, the genome confirms the unity within diversity that we share, and demolishes the validity of markers like skin tone that we are tempted to use as dividers. The message of Scripture is truly in agreement with science here.

(Marie) #4

This is a beautiful article. I was looking for some ideas for teaching my mid school students about “the biology of race,” and this article will help me articulate some of these issues. Thank you. Our class is very diverse - probably ten ethnic groups among them - yet they all are made in the image of God and unified in the Body of Christ. And our genes are here to declare these same truths that we read in scripture!