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I was just watching a PBS show on the Pacific, and they visited the Bikini atoll, so a pretty good representation of what happens after an atomic war. It appears to be tropical paradise, so long as you don’t eat anything. Crabs, coconut trees, a reef that is beautiful and filled with fish. No doubt there is genetic damage and some individuals probably get cancer in the animal world, especially apex predators, but it recovered nicely except for humans, due to the radiation. Actually, the radiation is probably worse than after a war, as I think 28 or so nuclear bombs were detonated in the area, which is hard to believe but true. Nature is resilient. Human society, not so much. Only takes a microscopic virus to shred it.

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Cut the 8 in your 28 in half vertically and disgard the left half – acording to Google: 23. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wikipedia lists 28, but a couple were cancelled, and one was on a nearby island so maybe not counted, which is why I put in the “or so”. You literalists are a pain! :wink:

Still, it is pretty amazing how it recovered after all that, with some of the detonations being massive. Of course, it was disastrous for the indigenous people who called it home, and never were able to return.


I ain’t as much a literalist as many, though. :slightly_smiling_face: (I was surprised that there were that many!)

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Thanks for that. I should keep the Atoll in mind!


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