Science on the benefits of faith

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This is a fascinating video by InspiringPhilosophy:

It is fascinating to hear that religion makes one less likely to commit crime, and gives one more self-control. Religion also makes people more charitable and more happy. Now none of this proves God, or suggests that an atheist cannot be a happy, charitable, law abiding citizen with self-control. What it does suggest is that belief in God helps a person to excel in these areas, and that I suggest is a scientific reason to believe in God.


What other scientific benefits of faith are there?

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This is an absolutely terrific video. I’m taking down what I wrote earlier because I think it deserves much better thinking and discussion. I apologize. Thank you for sharing this.

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You may like this:

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Very interesting. Thanks. I wonder why that would be. I wonder if the study could break down into an assessment of the type of religious training–Wahhabi and other Buddhist and Christian sects. It was evident for more intolerance, the more strongly each group held their convictions (atheists included).

Have you seen the studies on improving understanding by arguing from your opponent’s point of view?

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