Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition

Okay – the title said it all. It was a neat quote from Turing that I just heard for the first time. And I have no idea what context he said it in, though I’m sure I’m about to learn.

As much as I don’t go for simplistic sentiments that neatly partition science and religion off as two different things (much less competing things), it still is a pithy thought, no?

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Using these meanings (below):

“In mathematics, in the field of differential equations, a boundary value problem is a differential equation together with a set of additional constraints, called the boundary conditions. A solution to a boundary value problem is a solution to the differential equation which also satisfies the boundary conditions.”

As you can see, the Boundary Condition is assumed beforehand … and the scope of the differential equation is thus limited by the scope of the presumed Boundary Condition.

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