Science Denial: from Anti-Vaxers and Climate ‘Skeptics’ to the Ark Park -- Why it Continues and Why it Matters

Wonderful talk by Ken Miller, professor of biology at Brown University. A Roman Catholic, Miller is also an author, speaker, and one of the most important figures in the science and religion debate. His talk, Reaffirming University Values is part of a recent lecture series given at Brown. The video is long, but well worth it. (Besides, I think we all could use a break!!!) :relaxed:

What I found especially interesting was the Q&A at the end. Another professor raised the question of fear in religious students. Miller explains that he will be speaking about evolution to Christian students in Alabama soon, and that he will see fear in their eyes. What Miller tells Christian audiences is “The first duty of any Christian is to the truth; No theologian would dispute that.” And so a student’s first question about evolution should not be about how well it goes with Genesis. Rather, a student’s first question about evolution should be “Is it true?” And from that, all else should follow.