Science Bedtime Stories

Science Bedtime Stories is a new project for PBS. As the name implies, it is a series of science stories for children. The first one is called Journey into the Cave of Bones, and tells the story of the discovery of Homo Naledi.

I think that @AMWolfe will love this!


Fantastic! Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

You are quite welcome. And did you notice that you can sign up with them to be notified by email when they publish a new story?

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And be sure to see the American Museum of Natural History’s website for children: ology
Lot’s of good information and fun activities!


You have a good and kind heart. God bless.

I am being serious now when I give you this title. I suggest that a book be written: Our Pets As Our Friends, How do We understand Them? A group of you could join together to make such a book. It should have a religious overtone of the creator too. Just a suggestion! Children like those things. Please do consider it.

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