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Any ideas from the tribe?

Hi All, I am hoping this is the right thread to post my question on.
A few years ago Biologos reposted a detailed article exploring the biblical interpretation of Genesis 1 including the framework/literary view.
Does anyone remember it?? I can’t seem to find it on their website.
Would be so helpful as I am putting together a science-theology course and looking for good online resources.

Was it either of these two?

Also the Bible Project video on Genesis 1 nicely explains the framework view:

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Thank you so much Christy. It wasn’t these articles though they are very useful.
Thanks for helping me out!

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If you have any more specifics you happen to remember about it, we can help you find it!

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Do you remember the author? Was it Denis Lamoureux? Pete Enns?


Thanks so much for this. I really appreciate the interest. The article looked in detail at Genesis 1 including patterns in the text, words and some historical background. It wasn’t Lamoureux or Enns- I have the feeling it was originally written a long while ago and then reposted a few years back. It started with the disclaimer that this was an old article but was so good that it deserved being posted again.
Thanks again for your help!

Not what you are specifically looking for, but my daughter and I listened to some of these podcasts while driving, and they seem good. Link to one:

Was it this reprint of a Conrad Hyer’s article?

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Thank you, Christy! I think this might be the article! I’ve just had a quick look but will sit and read through it when I get a moment. You are amazing to have found this for me!

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