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This topic is for homeschool resources and discussion about homeschooling on theology as it relates to science in general and evolution, in particular.

For those who read my post (#44) in the “experiences” topic, below this paragraph is essentially a duplicate to highlight the “Science and Religion” college course that is online and FREE to view. See link below. That means it might lend itself well for individual homeschool use, perhaps even over 2 semesters. I’m currently doing that. Groups, I understand, would have to work something out with the U. of Alberta. I believe a version that is specifically for highschool is in the works. I’ve seen student reviews from this college course and they are extremely encouraging. I could go on-an-on about why this is a great course and the professor who it educated to the PhD level in BOTH a biological science AND theology. And I do in a somewhat dated blog post at my blog link at the bottom.

What a joy to know we are not alone here! Thanks, all!

My wife (mostly) and I homeschooled our 5 kids mostly through high school to be good little creationists and anti-evolutionists. In the middle of that I had a paradigm shift when I read Francis Collin’s book in Jan. 2010 and, in one weekend, had to admit had been wrong about evolution for over 34 years, even as one educated to the PhD level in a biological science with emphasis in molecular genetics.

So, we had to undue all that while still having the last 3 in high school or lower grades.

We subsequently had two graduate from Grove City College (GCC), including one who majored in Biology and defended Francis Collin’s view there, graduating last year. BTW, GCC actually had a noble-minded view there in allowing students to adopt their own view and my son said the science professors appeared to accept evolution, for the most part. I thought that was pretty good for a conservative Christian college.

It’s great to see high school science resources described under that topic elsewhere here on the forum.

Key for me, in terms of Biblical hermeneutics and making sense of it all, has been Professor Denis O. Lamoureux’s (DDS, Phd, Phd) “Science and Religion” course that he’s taught over 60 times. The WHOLE course is FREE to view online at CHRTC 350 Science and Religion Online Course Fall and Winter Just select “Class Audio-slides” in the upper left to view the multimedia. NOTE: Currently, it plays on Android, PC and Mac but doesn’t play on iPhone without a Flash player app like the Photon Flash player app. But, I used that app to go through the entire course on my iPhone. I understand from Denis that the updates being made this summer will allow it to play on ALL devices. You can search his name here on the BioLogos site for many of his articles. I’m also hoping he’ll group the fairly short modules into longer-playing sections that play automatically through so mobile device users, like me, don’t have to go back to the course page so often to start another module, especially since there are hundreds of them.

There are also links to the handouts, etc. off the above link.

Our last child (15 year old) just started that course adapted as homeschooling Bible class that we’ll continue through the summer in a pass-fail manner.

I love the plans BioLogos has for homeshooling resources!

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Thanks for sharing this resource and your experiences homeschooling. Hopefully some people will check this out, and if anyone uses it, please do start a thread with your review or reactions or suggestions of how to best incorporate it into your school year. :tulip: