SBC church in Nashville hosts ABF on harmony between faith and science

I saw this article this morning and thought it was an encouraging counter to the narrative that all SBC churches agree with Al Mohler and insist on YEC.

This adult Bible study is led by a 24 year old divinity student with a physics degree and insists Christians need to be able to “speak science” with wrestling with climate change, bioethics, and evolution.

As you might imagine, some people in the classes are a bit skeptical about what they feel is science contradicting Scripture, but the teacher is spreading the message that there doesn’t have to be conflict.

I just thought it would be an encouragement to all the people depressed about lack of engagement with science in “conservative” churches, and to all you young folks who feel like you are swimming upstream in your congregations. If this 24 year old can get permission to tackle these topics in an SBC church in the South, who knows what you could do too?


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