Russian Christians who are scientists and trying to find work outside of Russia

Does anyone know how we can help scientists who are Christ-followers who are fleeing Russia? I suspect many of us have part-time work we could offer in our basic science labs. Are there recently departed Russian expatriates In the Biologos world who are looking for a place to land? Prayerful thought as a matter of practical agape. Thanks.


It sounds like the kind of question to direct to a Christian refugee resettlement agency. The immigration system is broken and people need visas to work legally, but hopefully some of the people you have in mind are already in the pipeline to get the necessary papers.

My dad worked as a teacher for 30 some years and always talked to the custodial staff, many of whom were not very proficient English speakers. One custodian had been a PhD chemistry professor in Bosnia. After my dad found this out, he called him Dr. (his last name) whenever he greeted him and this was very meaningful to the man. Refugees are robbed of so much identity and dignity.



Agreed. Thanks.

I’ve met a few impressive ones–a math and computer science instructor who worked at the same university as my grandfather for a few decades was the Liberian Minister of Economics before 1990.

There are a few Russian malacologists I am aware of who frequently collaborate with western authors, and I wonder just what is happening to them lately, but have no direct contact with them.


Well, if anyone hears from a cell or molecular biologist -or a biochemist, geneticist or informatician - trying to support support himself outside of Russia until Putin’s war is over, please put him in contact with me. I’m sure it will be administratively difficult, but I would like prayerfully to try to help. That is what the Spirit tells me to ask. Thanks.


Most of the immigrants from Russia I know are Jewish, not Russian. But on this forum, we have a Russian scientist who still lives there. Hey @GJDS do you have any advice here?

I wish I could provide some meaningful advice, but alas I cannot. Like others, I may have met scientists from Russia over the years, but none sought my input on these matters.

Okay, thanks anyway. Hope all is well with you!

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