Roger Sawtelle retiring!

Speaking of others, …
Who knew?

Belated congratulations, @Relates.


Thanks for the link! Congratulations! It sounds like he is a good minister. However, I’d also like to hear him sing–they mention that on the video!


Thanks for sharing that link, Terry! And congratulations on your life of service and work for the church, and now apparently - your retirement, @Relates!


[I hope you don’t mind if I made this a thread in its own right so it’s not just buried in some unrelated thread.]


Congratulations, @Relates !
Like Randy, I’d love to hear you sing, too. Having a voice made for congregational singing myself, I appreciate the joy in and support from singing together in enthusiastic worship with other brothers and sisters.

Hope you’re not retiring from the Forum. You add a lot to discussions.

God bless you in your new ventures.

[@Mervin_Bitikofer , thanks for highlighting @Terry_Sampson ’s important post!]


How nice! We often see such a one dimensional aspect of people of the forum, it is enlightening to see people in the wild in their natural environment!


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