Review of Carl Zimmer's new book on heredity

I’ve already posted on Carl Zimmer’s new book on heredity “She has her mother’s laugh” here .

The much-anticipated book was recently given a very favorable review in the New York Times:
In an Age of Gene Editing and Surrogacy, What Does Heredity Mean?

The review is by Jennifer Raff, a geneticist who writes a science column for The Guardian.

And… @sfmatheson got to hear Carl Zimmer himself speak about his book at the World Science Festival in New York City. Maybe he has something to add?

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I heard him talk at the Harvard Book Store here in Cambridge. He was very good, as I expected. Carl is one of those rare science writers who really understands both the science (biology in his case) and the nuances, including political ones, of the underlying stories. I bought the book at the event but have only sampled it so far. It seems to be most excellent.

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He spoke here at BAMA as part of our ALLELE lecture series:
It was excellent and i refer to his textbook frequently. With science journalism being so horrible, especially reporting on evolution, Carl is a rare gem.


I will echo that sentiment. It is rare to find good science writers in the secondary press, and Zimmer is definitely one of them. For most articles in the secondary press I can find error after error. In one of Zimmer’s articles I tried my hardest to find one error, and I couldn’t do it.


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