Responding to the Jordan Lead Codices

The Jordan Lead Codices-- Are they legit? Biblical scholar Dan McClellan looks into the matter in this short 4.5 minute video. I think they’re in the same category as the curse tablets.

Responding to the Jordan Lead Codices Hoax


Were the curse tablets ‘fakes’? I was more under the impression that they were just a case of pareidolia.

Pretty sure they were forgeries. But they have a following on BioLogos.

There’s Nothing There: Responding to Gershon Galil’s Claim of a “Curse Inscription” from Jerusalem

Professor Cargill responds to Prof. Gershon Galil’s recent claim that he has discovered a curse inscription on a stone excavated in Jerusalem back in 2010—an inscription that the original excavators supposedly missed. Coincidentally, the supposed “Jerusalem curse” inscription is remarkably identical to another inscription Galil claims to have identified on a small lead tablet from Mt. Ebal—inscriptions that Cargill calls “fundamentalist Rorschach tests.”

btw, you would enjoy this new online biblical archaeology site:

Bible and Archaeology

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I’m sure that will be a better website than ‘Associates for Biblical Research’.

what website is that?

A fundamentalist website which pushes fringe archaeological views, such as the Early Date Exodus, among other things. The Egyptologist David A Falk has some good stuff responding to that position.

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Here’s a particularly crazy example of their work:


Pretty weird!

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Clip from David a Falk

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