Resources for a Response for the Evolutionary Perspective

Earlier this year we discussed the claims of this Genesis Apologetics course, Debunking Evolution, on this thread:

Today I found a video from the YouTube channel of a science educator that addresses one of these videos, as well as others.

They’re real-time reaction videos like many (if they are to be shared with someone who would be sensitive to a reaction against their beliefs), but I found he clearly addresses the claims and finishes with a rating of how difficult the content is to address.

What resources have you found that clearly address this conversation that can be either shared with students, children, and people who don’t believe in evolution, or that are easy to adapt into conversations with them?


Jon Perry’s videos on evolution are helpful! (animated and fun)
You can find him at Stated Clearly.

Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for exactly?

His stuff is great! I’ve been watching more of those, and I’m looking for some to share with my second grader. Stated Clearly is named well :slight_smile:

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Someone also showed us this a couple years ago! He might have some other ones your kiddo might like!

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