Resource recommendations for learning about early man and religion?

I was wondering if anyone here could recommend some sources in regards on early man, archeological findings of early man, and the role of religion in early man and civilization. I am not sure as to where i should start looking or what authors i should check out, any recommendations would be helpful, thanks.

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What immediately came to mind:

Budj Bim - Wikipedia

The Golden Bough - Wikipedia
Classic Jam Hits – Tim Miller (
page down twice.

Anthropology of religion - Wikipedia

Psychology of religion - Wikipedia

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Quite a playlist

: ) there are no shortcuts. I was just near weeping with shame as I made toast and coffee (Americano of course) and doing battle with that phenomenon, remembering, as if anew, for the first time in a long time, a thread of intrusive thinking about my colossal undergraduate ignorance and its decades of deleterious effects. (Intrusive thinking is like anxiety generally, deconstruct one hydra head - one a*se biting crocodile - and another pops up; deconstructing the hydra - draining the swamp - is only achieved between attacks. In ‘reality’ one learns to build a swamp house).


The links to old booksets come from my site… They are valuable to have, but I wouldn’t recommend them for a reliable view on ancient religion or archeology. They are definitely dated.

Something like Religion in Human Evolution: From the Paleolithic to the Axial Age would be a better place to start, and then just swim around in its bibliography.

A good popular history of the Axial Age (800BC?-300BC) when Hinduism, earliest Israelite religion, Buddhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, Greek religion etc., all flourished, is still Karen Armstrong’s The Great Transformation …& then swim in the bibliography. These are good jumping-off points, all of them are worth arguing with, making up yr own mind


I appreciate that Tim, I just love the coffee table version!

Kevin, when you get some titles to pursue, you might want to check to see, if you can at least look them over. Try before you buy. More info on Internet Archive is in the Ereader and Ebook thread.
Can’t get my ipad to link to it right now.

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