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I don’t know why, but I don’t know how to use the Biologos site. Can you direct me to some good articles on evolution. I totally accept the biblical account, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”, and I’ve assumed for a long time that evolution was the way he did it. that is, I believe God created everything, but probably not all at once.
I’ve recently joined a church that I really like, but the members believe God created the heavens and the earth in six days. Six days of 24 hours each. Our current day hours. And they believe this all happened 6,000 years ago.
I respect my fellow church members, but I do not feel any need to accept their views on this matter.
Can you refer me to some good articles on Biologos or elsewhere? Or tell me how to search for articles on Biologos.
Thank you

Hello there!
You can always go to the main site :
And when you get there you can see the question: “What are you looking for?” If you click on this question and type “Evolution” you can see all kinds of articles.

But to make things easier i will leave you some main pages.[science][0]=Evolution[science][0]=Age+of+the+Earth[science][0]=Fossil+Record

Hope I helped!

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Thenk you so much for your reply. I’m sure now I’ll be able to navigate the site. and thank you for the articles. I haven’t downloaded them yet, but I’m sure I’ll find them helpful.
again, one million thanks

No need to download the files! You can just click on an article that you like and you can directly view it!
No problem :slight_smile:

Welcome to our forum, Moira! @Moira

From the biologos main page, at the top where there is a little magnifying glass and the words “what are you looking for” you can type in that box any topic you are interested in and hit enter and you will get a selection of related articles.

Or you can start looking through these common questions to see if any address your concerns:[post_format][0]=Common+Questions

The BioLogos Basics videos are short introductions to a variety of topics for people who are not as familiar with the evolutionary creationist perspective.

Also, you can always post a specific question or discussion topic here on the forum by clicking on The BioLogos Forum at the top of the page and then hitting the “+ new topic” button on the upper right hand of the screen you will go to. Then you just type in your question, choose a category from the drop down menu (general discussion, scientific evidence, etc.) and hit enter.


Dear Christy,

Thank you for your helpful email

I love Biologos. I;ve discovered I;m an evolutionary creationist and i didn’t know it!!! in fact I’d never even heard the term before yesterday!!

Thank you!


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Well, welcome to the club!

Well how about that ?!?!?!

I had no idea there was a checklist with check boxes for enhancing a search!!!

Learn something new every day!

@Moira, just start with one of @Totti’s sample searches and change the boxes clicked to your liking… super easy … and every time you change a box, new articles pop up!

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