Request for Biologos Blogs

Dear Biologos

I enjoy your blog. It contains plenty of well thought out articles. It does seem to be missing one thing that other creationist blogs seem to have nailed down.

There isn’t much talked about in terms of new discoveries in various scientific disciplines and the implications these have for the young earth / old earth / evolutionary creation discussion.

The other day a series of papers were published after the sequencing of a large number of bird genomes. Some things uncovered were really exciting and interesting. For example: It was found that a number of the genes involved in tooth formation had become pseudogenised in an early ancestor and that all modern birds today share these breaking mutations. I would have loved to have read something about that from one of your geneticists. More recently a study was published on 3.3 million year old stone tools found in Kenya.

I know that @DennisVenema and others do post fascinating posts on scientific topics. But it often isn’t current and it often doesn’t discuss the up-to-date things that are currently discussed by groups such as:, The ICR, AIG or EN&V

I know you also have the Saturday science links thing which is nice but it doesn’t really go into a lot of detail focusing on one particular discovery and it’s implications.

I know it’s a big ask (and who am I to make requests of a blog I like to frequent). But it would be great if you could find an author that would be prepared to discuss the new science that is popping up all the time.

Anyway, just an idea for you to throw out at your next meeting

Thanks again for all the interesting content.


@Aceofspades25 Thanks for the note. This is already a matter of internal discussion, but I will mention your remarks to our staff. -BK

Nice… That would be really cool!

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