Remembering Rachel Held Evans

I enjoyed this; hopefully, you will, too. Does anyone else have pleasant memories of how Rachel Held Evans helped them keep and perhaps even refine their faith?

Rachel Held Evans’ father on his daughter’s final days and the ongoing impact of her life (


Though I don’t know very much about her but ultimately the only thought that I have that matters is that it’s sad that she passed away so young from s medical mishap. Something similar almost took my life as a kid, a very bad allergic reaction to medication trying to help me over a very bad allergic reaction. I was too young to remember much of it.

It’s sad that she died so young and I can’t imagine the pain and shock her husband, kids and father has. I’m glad the husband went ahead and completed the house they envisioned and I hope that God gives them peace and that somehow through her work he will find ways to bring more people to Christ. I can’t imagine the surreality of that loss.


Very well put. One of her points that I thought was helpful was that millennials don’t care about fancy, cool churches–where you can have coffee and a free iPad.
Rachel Held Evans: Busting myths about millennials - JourneyOnline

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