Religion made by men and its teachings too

I heard this one a few times over my course of life. If religion was created by men and its teachings were also created by men how can you trust it? For us christians the first its obvious that we believe the writters were inspired. But what about the teachings? How can we be sure these are the correct ones? Im kinda finding myself siding with the second question here but im skeptical. Any arguments or answers are appreciated

The foretelling of a savior from Moses and the prophets. Jesus’s coming as He was foretold. The very Word of God that He spoke is the Word of Life. And He confirmed it by His death and resurrection. Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. Where else can we go? For He has the Word of Life. If you trust Him, love Him and obey Him, you will know God and no one can rip you out of His hand. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Our trust must be in the Living God who is well able and willing to reveal Himself to all who seek Him with All their heart.
Do a study on the terms, In Him and In Christ and the cross of Christ.

What could be untrustworthy about the Beatitudes? About love?

It is demonstrable that at least some religions are made by men, and at least some teachings of all religions are made by men. What is not demonstrable is that all religions and all their teachings are made by men.

Obviously, you can’t trust something just because some religion says so.

But that is not why most people believe in things of religion.

Inspiration = the divine breath
God speaks to people.

We can’t. You should simply accept such things. You need to question and think things through.

But here is a rule of thumb: If something suits a particular function then it is likely made for that function. In the case of religion, if it is effective for power and manipulation of people then it is likely made for that purpose – those sorts of things are at least less likely to have come from God and more likely to have come from men. Teachings which puts all the power in the hands of God and the individual don’t fit this purpose of using religion for power over others.

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