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Do you fund the Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis convincing as the inspiration of many Flood narratives, including that of The Bible?


I don’t think its related. This is the idea that a flood that happened 10-13k years ago could have been the inspiration for the flood of genesis? I doubt it considering the flood narrative at best was written like 3-4K years ago. I doubt human consciousness held onto , even though passing down wisdom, for 6-8k years personally.

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Perhaps not the direct inspiration for the Genesis Flood, but perhaps it created common cultural background that was inspired from Mesopotamia and spread outward? I mean, the Aborigines remember when the coastlines flooded tens of thousands of years ago.

A more recent candidate would be the Persian Gulf flooding IMHO.

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I’m just really skeptical of those kinds of claims. I mean it’s something anyone can claim basically. I imagine if pressed they would not have any significant data to add.

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Maybe, I though they were pretty comparable dates (c. 15,000-10,000 years ago), but that the Persian Gulf was faster (ahead of “looks like we need to move this month”, the way the Black Sea seems to have been).

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I can’t keep track of the dating so you are probably correct. It is just the Persian Gulf flood would be right on the doorstep of Ur and would be more likely to be remembered and included in the stories as opposed to the Black Sea which would require the stories to be transmitted from a distance IMHO.

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The initial, highly hyped claims for the Black Sea flooding have been backed off of by the originators. It seems likely to have been too gradual to have generated much excitement during the actual flooding.

Accessing geological data to pin down details for the Persian Gulf is rather tricky. It’s logistically difficult, due to the regional conflicts. A lot of the focus of studies on regional geology are “where’s the oil?”, which means that a) they are looking at the Cretaceous and not the late Pleistocene to early Holocene and b) they are likely to be company secrets.

The Persian Gulf fits well with the geography of Genesis 1 and ancient tradition as a possible site for the flood, but that’s about as definite as one can get.

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The flood story from the Enuma Elish seems like a much more likely candidate for inspiring Noah’s flood story. The two are nearly identical.

The Enuma Elish came out of Mesopotamia where people thrived on the flood plains along the Tigris and Euphrates. Those rivers seem the much more likely source for those specific flood stories than the Black Sea.

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