Recursive Evolution. Tale of Natural ID. Place where the Religion and Science met

Recursive Evolution. Tale of Natural ID. Place where the Religion and Science met.

The proposed hypothesis for biological evolution considers modern evolution theories and established facts. It addresses some unclear issues modern researchers pointed out. The new approach is based on the analogy between supercomputer and Biosphere. The Biosphere stores an enormous amount of digital data and may act as an engine partially directing evolution changes. The main direction of the living world changes and speciation is not only the survival of the fittest but growing computing complexity of the living creatures in the course of evolution.

The Hypothesis logically resolves puzzling problems with current evolution theories.


  1. Biological evolution as a natural life origin and development is a reality.

  2. The evolution is not only random changes and natural selection but to some extent a coordinated and controlled process.

  3. One of the evolution main development vectors is a growing computational complexity of the Biosphere and living organisms’ intelligence

  4. The intelligent matter which conducts and controls evolution is a gigantic bio-computer combining all living organisms on Earth. The information is acting like a software that is stored and controlled by the Biosphere.

  5. This “software” is initiated, and stimulated by random mutations, as is stipulated by Darwinian Evolution Theories, and also by the growing demand for the biological memory storage and computational complexity.

  6. Greater Biosphere memory volume requires a greater number and more intellectually advanced organisms for storing and handling it. More intricate organisms require the greater computational complexity of Biosphere in order to keep control over the living world. This is an endless recursive endeavour with accelerated evolutionary dynamic.

  7. New species emerge when two conditions are met: a) crucial environmental changes occur and/or global memory storage volume comes to its limit and b) Biosphere computational complexity reaches critical mass capable of producing more advanced creatures.


How do you explain the fact that the vast majority of life is unicellular prokaryotes with only a tiny percentage of the Earth’s biomass being made up by organisms that have central nervous systems?

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Our brain weights only 1/40 of total body mass.

Computer CPU is much smaller than total weight and volume.

Company Board of Directors is tiny entity compare with the total manpower.

Probably, all simple organisms including single cellar ones are necessary for high order organisms functioning properly.

However, their role in memory storage should not be underestimated.

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