Reasons for the Genesis account of the creation of man


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@beaglelady words provoked some thoughts on this topic.

God obviously knows humans, He created us, and knows how we think and our capacity for evil. In the past I would ask, “if evolution happened as scientist says it did, why would God inspire it to be written differently?”

I think the posts from that thread would be a great reason not to write it literally. If there is some dehumanizing element that is out there that can’t be detected by man, it could be horribly detrimental to write of it.

Not to mention Bible is written for all, but not to all, and an evolutionary account would greatly. Onfuse those a few thousand years ago. But I think an evolutionary account would create as I said a dehumanizing element.

Theses theories here basically speak of a select group that becomes Image of God (IOG) humans and spreads this sin to the other Homo sapiens. With there being no difference between animals and Homo sapiens, only between this and IOG humans, that could be exploited by the evil (since it is undetectable/undefinable) to treat anyone as they whish and hide behind the fact that they are merely Homo sapiens, and we are IOG humans, and they are inferior to us.

If these theories are indeed correct, then it makes complete sense to inspire the Genesis account as it currently is.

For that respect, I am learning instead of reading the Bible as literal and when learning of scientific truth and then being confounded by why would it be written that way (seemingly contradictory). I should read the Bible as why it had to be written that way so it couldn’t be exploited and make sense to those back then, and it is much less contradictory and strengthens why it was written to way it was.

Basically meaning… God wants us to treat all humans as if descendants of Adam and/or Noah, because if all came from them they were clearly IOG humans, so all of their descendants must be since all had to descend from them. Even if we didn’t all descend from those two (in reality) since we have no way to differentiate between IOG humans and others, we treat all humans as IOG humans. The only thing we can detect a difference in is humans and animals, and it is ok to treat animals different, they weren’t created in the IOG.


I will reiterate your great points here. 1. If evolution, why write it out of the original account? Unless there was something to hide - as you mention, a “dehumanizing” element. But that idea begins to lay a charge against God, so brings out all small-minded men and causes us to have to listen to their absurd, base, and immoral opinions. 2. If Image of God status was granted to only a select two or few, …well, we don’t even want follow that line of reasoning to its bitter and racist end. Good luck from here on out as you endeavor to course your way through all the diversionary tactics that will likely be thrown your way in this new thread. You would do well to keep bringing this group back around to your original complaint/problem as I have reiterated in 1 and 2 above. Otherwise, you will find yourself soon tripped up, off course, and foundering again (as you tend to do), struggling to find your way back to solid ground. By the way, there is an absolutely great 5th idea that upholds the integrity of the Bible and honors God that these so-called theologians have somehow conveniently, if not outright ignorantly, overlooked. Good luck! Hope you can stand your ground.


I would love for you to share it and if you think it is too off topic, feel free to pm me. I believe in a combo of those 4, but haven’t found a theory comprehensive enough to put into words myself yet.


“The secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him”, not those who change and twist his word to suit their senses. I got mine through prayer and abandon to fearfully uphold his Word as written. He speaks to people of contrite heart. But those who malign the very Author of the text - the Holy Spirit Himself - they will receive answers “according to the idols in their hearts”. Don’t you remember the story in the Old Testament where God instructed an evil spirit to go a fill the mouths of the prophets? When someone has so compromised their view of Holy Scripture to the point that the very Lord becomes his deceiver, that one is truly and hopelessly deceived. Go into prayer and ask Him. He has answers for the contrite and repentant seeker.

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So what is this mysterious 5th idea? I’m sure we will all benefit from learning more about it!


He also tells us that iron sharpens iron, and can use man to help his fellow man as a tool to answer man. and provided us with scripture to verify claims or theories of man. I haven’t found one that aligns 100% yet and I am still searching. But I would love to hear your interpretation.


Do tell us what this idea is.

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