Reason to Believe Upgrades their Stance?

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Which BioLogos-related writer has written the most on
“Reason To Believe” ?

@Swamidass wants to develop a new assessment of their revised stance. 1

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An interesting paragraph from his blog post:

This, however, is not the current RTB model. In 2015, they published the second edition of Who Was Adam?, with several updates to the model. To their credit, they acknowledged and accepted the growing evidence for interbreeding between Neanderthals and Sapiens. They adapt their model, in light of this evidence, to acknowledge “bestiality” that arises in our lineage as a consequence of the fall. We might call of this an “Out of Africa and Hybridization” model of origins, where the hybridization is deemed against God’s wishes.

Does this mean that in tthe current RTB model, there could be some kind of connection between the Neanderthals and the Nephilim of Genesis 6?

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I can make sure Joshua gets the question… I believe he may be having more interaction with those folks than most of the rest of us.


I don’t see why they keep rationalizing their theory instead of adopting EC, which so effectively incorporates all of this into its scientific and theological outlook.