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Many comments have been made in many posts about randomness and how God works through it. As the Proverb says, we cast the lots but God determines the outcome. Here is an article I came upon today that was illuminating along those lines, and written in an understandable way for those of us who are math impaired:

Many of the stories we read in the Bible seem unpredictable, sometimes even contrary to God’s will yet all lead to Jesus. Lots are even cast in the process a couple of times before we reach the end of Acts.

Has God worked in a random fashion to achieve his purpose in your life? I can think of several examples in mine, ranging from how I met my spouse to which one of millions of sperm cells had to do its thing to just exist as who I am, and who my loved ones are. Whatever your thoughts, this article is a fun and thought provoking read.

Nice post! I have to say, the title you gave it is almost an “anti-clickbait” title! :smiley:

guess I should have titled it "An Amazing Indeterminate Number of Variables That Can Change Your Life!

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Ha! Yes! Or, more simply: “Random” thoughts. Then it’s like those Jeopardy categories where when you see the quotation marks you know that it’s a play on words. :smiley:

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_ randomness creates the order.

Actually the Newtonian movement is different from the quantum random motion. Newtonian movement is not random, while the quantum world is in a sense, but because the worlds are different, it is very confusing and misleading to use the same word to mean two different realities. This what I have been saying for some time. Science needs to differentiate between meanings of random, rather than insist that there was only one meaning, which is false.

I think that is actually the point of the article, that Newtonian movement when taken as a whole is not random, but behaves as though it is random when looked at in gas law etc.
In the same way, things that we see in life may seem random, but still predicable and under God’s control.

Newtonian i8s by nature not random in any sense. Every action has an opposite reaction. Therefore the movement of molecules is not Newtonian. Brownian movement is random and it is caused by quantum movement and not by Newtonian.

In other words Maxwell was doing the right thing by disregarding Newton and going by probabilities. You are making a mistake if you assume that Maxwell’s decision proves that Newton’s motion is really random, when it is not.

Newtonian motion is not random and not quantum. Quantum motion is random and not directed or Newtonian. I know that this is true and can be demonstrated and explained. Unless science accepts this fact it will frustrate our efforts to understand the real relationship between quantum and super-quantum reality.

It does get complicated when you are dealing with highly complex systems that are deterministic. For example, if we precisely measured the forces put on a die and precisely measured the projected path of the die then we could accurately predict the outcome of a roll. However, we often say that the roll of the dice is random. Not only that, but the outcome of dice rolls matches what we would expect from a random distribution of outcomes.

I trust that you know that NO quantum particles are at rest, while many Newtonian objects are at rest. We are talking about apples and oranges that has not and cannot be reconciled by saying all motion is Newtonian.

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