Raised YEC, new to TE how do I tell family & friends?

Hi, I’m in Australia and new to theistic evolution. Until a couple of weeks ago I thought it was heresy to believe in evolution - and as such had not given it much attention (hoping the theory would be disproved!).
I have a son entering high school, and I thought I should be well-versed in evolutionary science if I was to dispute everything he’s going to be taught in science class.
After extensive reading, (and re-reading of the bible) I’m so surprised at the weight of evidence supporting evolution - and at how well it matches the biblical accounts of creation.
A billion-year-old earth fits much better with an omnipotent God than does a thousands-of-year-old in my mind, and the fluidity of evolution seems much more his ‘style’ than stunted bursts of creation.
My church and family adhere to YEC, are there other people in this situation?
I’m wondering how other people have broken the news to family and friends - or whether you just follow Romans 14 and don’t make waves about ‘disputable matters’?

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My background was YEC also and I understand what the issues can be, although the degree of opposition can really vary, depending on your family & friends beliefs. There are some situations (especially in “fundamentalist” circles) where it would practically be considered heresy or at least serious ‘backsliding’ into “liberalism” and where there would absolutely no openness to such beliefs. In other cases, it could be that you will find some openness to your going that way.

It’s a wise thing that you have searched this out at this stage in your son’s life. Statistics in the US say that a large % of evangelical children will drop out of active Christianity starting in high school or college. I believe that part of the problem is that they don’t see much choice between YEC Christianity and mainstream science. You can give your son the green light that there is a good 3rd option that still is strong Christian. That is very important.

Beyond that, again depending on your family & friends, maybe carefully start making some illusions to a select other person or two. Sometimes those who are really scared about it will start avoiding directly engaging with you about it as a way of avoiding conflict. Others, may show some openness to it, even if they disagree. It helps to make it clear from the beginning, that these new beliefs are not away from Christianity, but they enhance your Christian beliefs. If they start aggressively arguing with you, you can say that you respect their opinion and that you just would like them to respect your feeling different.


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That’s exactly how I treat it. With many people in my circles, as goofy as it sounds, I treat the whole topic like drinking or watching R rated movies, and I don’t bring it up out of respect for people who have less “freedom.” I only talk about it if I’m asked directly and I feel I can’t avoid it without being dishonest or if I get the sense that the other person has an open stance to it.

I asked a similar question a while back, if you want to check out some of the responses on that thread: Opinions wanted. When people at church assume you are anti-evolution

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Hi Christy,

Thanks for the link :slight_smile: I think the Romans 14 method is what I’m going to go with, as it’s not a salvation issue.
What I’m struggling with the most is, recalling all the YEC that’s been pumped into my kids from me, my family & church familly! Whether to have an open, frank discussion with them - or to try and make a gradual shift.

Yeah, I guess that is a different situation. I think I might go with the frank discussion in that case. Maybe you could watch a film like Test of Faith and open up the discussion. You can watch it online: Test of FAITH - The Film

Do you have a spouse in the picture who believes differently? I think that would be an important consideration too.

I’m a divorced single mum of three (12,8 & 7), Their dad’s re-partnered and they are both Christian, but I don’t think they’re committed to a worldview with regard to creation/evolution.
I’ll check out the film - thankyou!

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