Quirky Mask Benefits

Some amusing side benefits have arisen from mask use. Among them are:

  1. I’ve heard more than one account of folks brushing their teeth better because forgetting to do so really ruins the atmosphere.
  2. It saves on makeup. One lady told me she hasn’t put lipstick on in weeks.
  3. On a cold day, it keeps part of your face relatively warm.
  4. You don’t have to work so hard to stifle a yawn.
  5. As @beaglelady posted on the Humor thread, it can make little hammocks for rodents (tongue in cheek).

Has anyone noted other fringe benefits? I’d like to collect them to share.


You can stick your tongue out at your boss or annoying co-worker.

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Friends/neighbors won’t get upset with you if you don’t recognize them right away in public. (And also, if you’re not in a social mood, it’s harder for others to recognize you.)

No one will know if you have a bad acne day.

You can silently advertise your favorite movie franchise or anything else with a customized mask (and it’s easier to see than a T-shirt).

You can feel a little bit more like a ninja than usual.

You don’t have to bother checking your teeth for spinach after having quiche.

You might as well go all out at Halloween and dress up like Darth Vader or something else with a full face mask…


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