Questions about feathered dinosaurs

I have heard some YECs argue, for example in this debate between Michael Shermer and Kent Hovind that the feathers found on dinosaurs were merely ‘fossil fluff’. How do we know that this is not the case?

A second question I was wondering about relates to a particular feathered dinosaur, Sinornithosaurus. One of my favourite dinosaur documentaries, Planet Dinosaur claims that Sinornithosaurus may have had a venomous bite. Whilst fun to believe, is there any truth behind this?

A third question. Are the ‘quills’ found on certain ceratopsian dinosaurs such as Psiitacosaurus and Triceratops, actual feathers or are they more akin to porcupine quills?

Finally, is it possible that all dinosaurs were feathered?

Here’s some fun reading.

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