Questioning the Answers: My Story of Doubt and Discovery

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You never know how God may change your perspective. Just be sure you're paying attention.
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Your journey chimes very much with mine and it’s so important to have resources like BioLogos to look to when people in “authority”, who I would certainly look to for guidance in many areas, are expressing views which I find I’m unable to accept.

Thanks for this encouraging and reassuring post.

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Great story! While I don’t consider myself to be a theistic creationist, I am an Old Earth creationist, I love hearing stories like this. It is a great concern to me the ignorance a lot of Christians show when the subject of creationism comes up. Something needs to change. I thank God for Biologos and Reasons to Believe and their missions. Even though the ministries disagree on the subject of evolution, they both have an open and respectful dialogue with each other. Both hold Biblical authority high,

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What a wonderful story! It’s always a pleasure to learn of someone who has a burning desire to know everything about God and the wonderful Universe He created. BioLogos offers such a wide range of resources, I thought you might not yet have located the 7-part video prepared (under a BioLogos grant) by my niece, Diane Sweeney, entitled “The Author of Life”. I am sure you and your daughter will appreciate the clearly presented evidence of how God used evolution to create the gorgeous variety of plants and animals on the Hawaiian Islands. I played a very small role (as a kind of science advisor) in its preparation, but it is Diane’s strong Christian Faith (and that of her co-author, a young Lutheran pastor) that makes the series so moving.
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So good to read such a positive account on so many levels – thank you for sharing!

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