Question re resources

Good day, I wonder if any information here is available just as written out text. My internet connection is expensive and poor, so watching video is not possible.

Yes, there are plenty of blog articles that are text as well as some white papers that are pdfs on the website. This is a discussion forum that is all text, for the most part. What topic(s) are you interested in, and I can find some links for you?

Do you work in a developing country? I’d be happy to help a sister out and e-mail you the text of some articles, if that would be easier. You would just need to use the private message feature to let me know your e-mail address. (Click on my avatar/picture and hit ‘message’). Just let me know what you would like to read about.

Yes I live in Belize. Thanks so much for the kind offer. I have found a few articles in the meantime. I’m really a general reader, a lay minister and a farmer.

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