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I noticed this question and answer on Quora when I was scrolling through this guy’s answers. I had seen it another time, and he mentioned something along the lines of some Jews believing the God of the Old Testament to be a separate God from the true God in order to justify what happened in the Old Testament. And that that God was false/evil, and his name was something along the lines of “Ghudon” or something.

Or if that’s not clear enough, Jews believe that the God of the Old Testament was a false god separate from the good God/True God, and that Evil God was destroyed In the New Testament and his name was possibly something with a G, and they believed that to justify what happened. Anyone have some sort of idea as to what this guy was talking about? I used to be able to view the answer better but I guess he suddenly switched it to a Quora+ exclusive. Kinda confused.

Edit: to clarify, I do not believe this. I just want to know what the heck this dude was going on about, as I’ve never heard of this belief before and I wanted to see if I could find more information on it.

I think they are misunderstanding the question. As soon as God told them not to do something, they knew what was “right” and what was “wrong.”


Sorry, Rave. You’re not going to get a lot of sympathy from me. Play in a “mud hole” and you’re going to get dirty. Reading nonsense doesn’t clarify anything. Just because a guy says that he’s read the Bible twice doesn’t mean he has anything intelligent to say about anything in it.

The Bible’s a big collection of writings, some of which are collections of writings. Get Wisdom and acquire Understanding. Don’t start at the front of the Bible, start with Jesus’ baptism and the beginning of his ministry. work your way to his crucifixion, death, resurrection, and ascension. Everything else is "gravy".


It shows, if you swallow the statements like what is claimed Jews do believe :slight_smile:
if someone describes the authors of the bible as “bronze age slave traders” you should recognize that you deal with a “bright” and stop wasting your time. Ad homs like that disqualify the authors immediately. If, like the Hitch, people try to dismiss ancient Israelites as “primitive goat herders” they have fallen over their own arrogance and are incompetent when it comes to talking morality or intelligence

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“If Adam and Eve could not know right from wrong until after they ate the infamous fruit, does that make the god knowingly deceitful and cruel?”

Seems clear to me that with Adam and Eve we are talking about a fable. It is an origins story so we expect to find out something about how we have traditionally made sense of what and who we are. The question isn’t whether it is true but rather in what sense it is true. If we notice a shift in how the character of God is portrayed in different stories at different times that is going to tell us much more about how we have changed than about who or what God is. It isn’t clear to me that anyone is capable of seeing God exactly as He is, perhaps because God is not restricted to appearing in only one way but also because how things appear to us is mediated by how things can appear to us given the way we are. We are not so much the measure of all things as we are the measure of our experience.

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They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question…well, whowever asked it, has single-handed proven it to be false. Let’s have a look

If Adam and Eve could not know right from wrong until after they ate the infamous fruit, does that make the god knowingly deceitful and cruel?

Why should that make God deceitful? Never mind this is allegory(do they realise that? Didn’t they have literature at school?) but where’s the deceit? Where’s cruelty?
Then the author of the question refers to God as dumb, which tells us everything we need to know about them (that is Rave, you must not take any notice of them and people who interact with them). Again, what’s ‘dumb’ about situation? Asking if God couldn’t figure something out is in itself dumb, even if one does not believe in said God. And even assuming that God can be embarrassed… I don’t claim to know what God is like, but assuming He suffers from same psychological issues as humans is one step too far in anthropomorphization. Funny, because atheists love to accuse Christians of this, when it suits them.

And then there’s the answer. I’m glad most of it is obscured, because it is utter trash :wastebasket:
So an allegory steeped in deep meaning that’s relevant to this day, after thousands of years is a “just so story”? And a comparison to spider Man?lol

What kind of research have you done on this, before raising this topic? Should be quite easy, I imagine, to go on some “official” Jewish site, where their “official” beliefs are listed.

The thought that this guy is expecting to be paid for his answers… :rofl:

… doesn’t mean anything, unless he read it with comprehension. His answer strongly suggests he just read it.

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Ha! Too many open threads overtaxed my circuits.

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it is embarrassing that people don’t get the simplest of stories. The story is the poetic description of puberty, the rejection of the authority of the father by the children by eating from the tree of self-realisation in the form of having your own judgement of right and wrong. therein lies the problem , the conflict with other selfs and the disconnection from the true morality of God and from being part of him, thus set to die as a logical consequence of that act. Death is not an act of Gods revenge and he does not say “if you eat from that tree I am going to kill you as punishment for it” as some people look at it who have no concept of a loving father. They knew what was good and bad before the fall, based on the fathers authority, and only by making their own judgements they can get it wrong. Just because some religiophobe on Quora claims God to curse his children does not make it relevant in any way. To fall for such rubbish and not to be able to explain to others the error of such thinking is embarrassing as missing the incoherence in this misunderstanding of the fall suggests a failure in critical thinking. Does your church teach that God punishes people by killing them?

It should do if it believes in the inspiration of Holy Scripture.

I’m just going to state real quick that I don’t believe in whatever this guy was saying, I just thought it would be best to ask here as I wanted to see if I could gather more info as to what “theory” this was. I’ve never heard it before.

Spent my life in churches that teach the inspiration of Holy Scripture and hanging out with others who have as we well. A belief or teaching that God punishes people by killing them is not the norm among the folks I know.

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And yet I’ve certainly encountered apologetics driven mob speak about why we nons should buy protection from the church against what their special friend will do to us. It isn’t them threatening. Their friend has warned what will happen if we don’t comply. Heck I’ve even heard it here. Of course there will be knuckle staggers in any subset of humanity. We certainly have them on the non side too.

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I don’t understand how the threat carries any weight, if one finds nothing that supports what is behind the threat convincing.

Exactly. If only all mob speak was so easy to see through.


That’s how I’ve been expressing all along, what I personally experienced, my relationship with God, who’s my friend who’s there with me, and what I went through. So, the past people who are written about, we can all express our thoughts about them, as many have many different views.

What’s your experience like with God? What’s Your Personal Relationship with God Like? Have you had any similar situations to what Adam and Eve went through? What things did you learn? Do you ever allow God to teach you in many different situations? What is that like for you if you do?

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The guy definitely has no idea what he’s talking about. Assuming it’s all portrayed accurately in the summarization.

Without diving into the argument some things that just make it obviously silly is that “ Jews believe the god of the tanakh was evil and that Moses and all of them were deceived by it and that god was destroyed in the New Testament”.

If that’s what they are pushing it just makes no sense. I think they are trying to take the lore from the tv series, Lucifer , where it states through jokes throughout the film where Lucifer pretended to be god several times, such as in a burning bush, such as with Moses and ect… misleading them. It’s a series of jokes in the tv series Lucifer. It’s also a common joke in random fiction where the authors make similar jokes like “ oh this god pretended to be the real god and tricked the Jews into doing this one thing” and to this day the Jews and Christians still believe it was their god and so on.

But I don’t know of any actual Jewish movements where they argue the god of the Old Testament was false, and definitely none that argues the New Testament reflects the true god after the old one was destroyed or chained away and act…

I did hear some Muslims once though mention something along the lines that the Torah is false, thst one son was actually picked by Allah and the Quran portrays it truly while the Torah lies and the Jewish son in that story was deceived or just outright lying.


"Or if that’s not clear enough, Jews believe that the God of the Old Testament was a false god separate from the good God/True God, and that Evil God was destroyed In the New Testament and his name was possibly something with a G, and they believed that to justify what happened. Anyone have some sort of idea as to what this guy was talking about? "

This may be a badly garbled version of having heard of Marcion. Marcion claimed that the god of the Old Testament was different from and inferior to that of the New (or, rather, his highly modified version of the New Testament). But he was not Jewish; he was rejecting Judaism, including those parts of the New Testament that he thought were too Jewish.


How expensive is the insurance? I may be interested.


Depends on who’s asking whom.
According to Questions and answers about indulgences, with special reference to Martin Luther's objections
Indulgences were available at varying prices:


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