Quantum void, Akashic field and information

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Thanks for the insight into the block universe theory. I had not really heard of that. I think the block universe is sort of what I was conceiving in the sense that from the perspective of a timeless dimension all events would seem to have already occurred all at once. Is time a dimensional vector that doesn’t really exist in Hilbert space?


I don’t work with relativity, so I can’t answer you properly. But what I got from the explanations for laymen is that if the block universe ideia is correct, then past, present and future are all real, the past does not cease to exist to give place to the present, but it is “still there” in the block universe. But don’t take my word as truth, I don’t know enough physics to know how close to the actual idea my understanding is.

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I think that these are emergent properties. In this model what we often refer to as emergent properties correlate to the hierarchal structure as at the lower level information is processed in the quantum fields (quantum fields are essentially information processors) forming wave forms that form subatomic particles forming space time that form Atoms that form molecules that form more complex molecules and so on that increase the amount of information controlled in a system. I think that space time is an emergent property that comes from the quantum fields and not a property in the fields themselves. We perceive time in and from our emergent reality. From the perspective of the timeless quantum field everything from the emergent levels occurs at once and the information memory of that which has occurred is this ordered information in the quantum field.

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Lovely. Speaking of possible emergent phenomena there’s the possibility that gravity is an emergent phenomenon so I would suggest taking a route like Erik Verlinde:

Though your ideas will be put under heavy scrutiny by the physics community and challenged with new observations like galaxies without dark matter as his theory was.

Until you do this or start doing this, you are not going to get close to convincing me that your idea has any merit to it.

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Thank you Matthew. Your comments and insight and woo (ings) have been really helpful. (These are complex system interactions perhaps for only a chemist to understand :roll_eyes:). It is the emergent information interactions (hierarchal information) in our reality that allows me to define what is going on in underlying systems. Do not consider the process of emergent systems that are forming our reality, but consider the organization of the emergent system effect and influence on the underlying systems (quantum fields). It is not what there looks like from here but what here looks like from there. (As above so below. ) The interactions and organization of matter that occurs in our emergent world becomes compressed into the Quantum (Hilbert) space, timeless and spaceless this becomes Information. It is organized information that is just there.

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Either the universe (timeless quantum field) is eternal or Gods is eternal. Both cannot be self-existent or eternal. I think you have the wrong one.

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Thanks Roger. I am not sure I understand what you are saying. Could you please elaborate.

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If something is eternal, it has no beginning, That means logically that it is self existent. Really only God is self existent. If the universe in the form of the timeless quantum field is eternal, it must be self existent and thus is God.

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Time is a tricky thing. These theories essentially view time as an emergent property. From the perspective of the quantum field time doesn’t really exist. That God precedes and is eternal compared to the emergent properties of the quantum fields should be a given. Time is relative to perspective. From our perspective it exists but from the the perspective of the quantum field it doesn’t allowing for things like pre-destination.

Our father who are IN HEAVEN. I take God to be in Heaven, not that God is Heaven. He is the creator but that doesn’t mean that He is that creation. I think Heaven is an exclusive Domain where God is and reigns. It is possible that there are other domains “outside” of God’s Heaven which are not allowed into His Heaven. God don’t allow evil and darkness.

Whatever you bind on earth will be bound on heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven.

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“Our Father Who is in Heaven” as opposed to our earthly father. Jesus is making the point that we have two Fathers. God is our spiritual Father, but this is not evidence of dualism, God is our Creator so God is also our physical Fathers and our rational Father. Our earthly father is also our spiritual and rational father.

Jesus has a body, mind, and spirit, so He is the model of the unity of God with God’s creation. God reigns over the universe, but God does not micro manage, does not control the will of humans, or predetermine our actions. Heaven is pure because those who are not spiritual are not allowed there.

Time is not tricky, but it is not understood. Time as indicated by E = mc squared is relational, not an emergent property, which really does not mean anything.

Time is not relative to perspective. Time began with the Big Bang. The quantum field is not eternal. If anything, it began also with the Big Bang. It appears to me that you are making it a replacement for God, which is not needed and false.

A basic problem is Western dualism, which needs to be replaced, instead of entrenched, but that is another story


…" the spirit sneezed"…
Pquark, I like your approach --the way you think— in this thread.

The sneeze is a good metaphor? Animals sneeze but I’m not sure about other biologicals.

I believe that, at the top of a most comprehensive, wholistic, hierarchical set of Universe/God we have a primary trinity set/list.

I believe there is also a 2ndary subset trinity.

So the big bang appears to be resultant of a sneeze or hiccup? I love it.

I like that idea/scenario because of the following;

Physical/energy cannot be created nor destroyed yet it Universe/God may maybe can sneeze or hiccup or burp or fart.

So much of what exactly happend 13 - 17 billion years ago on cosmic scales of macro-to-micro remain speculation.

Quantum void = lack of quanta ergo non-occupied space?

Akashic field = what is any field exactly/specifically?

Information = quantum bits —occupied space integral-- and metaphysical-1 mind/intellect/concepts concepts of Space, Universe, God, Dogs, Spirit, Toyotas etc.