Quantum computing

Did anyone else catch the 60 Minutes piece on quantum computers last night?

Kaku’s comments certainly did not obviate the notion that information might be the fundamental reality of the universe (nor that the mind of God is a good candidate as the source of that information).


From my exceedingly poor understanding of quantum mechanics . . .

Information in physics is a description of a particle’s state, be it spin, momentum, charge, position, etc. Entangled particles seem to be governed by these states, and therefore governed by information. For example, the particles in an entangled pair will have opposite spins when they are observed. If you observe one with clockwise spin then the other will have counter-clockwise spin. Therefore, information is the fundamental property of matter (if I am understanding Kaku correctly).

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I did not see the 60 minutes episode on quantum computers.

I have always appreciated the writings of the highly respected Computer Scientist Dr. Scott Aaronson https://www.scottaaronson.com/.

In particular, there is this nice introduction to quantum computing:

Professor Aaronson gave a not very favourable review of Kaku’s book “Quantum Supremacy”:

My thoughts concerning Kaku are nicely expressed in this comment on the cited review:

I have found Michio Kaki’s writing to be full of misconceptions for years. He does not represent science well. Maybe he thinks that he is popularising the wonder of science, but he gets so much basic stuff wrong. He is more of a media personality than a scientist I think.

At this point if I see that Kaku is going to be part of some kind of program about science I immediately cross it off my list.

Oh well. :slightly_smiling_face:  

I actually found this (recommended in the review) more informative:

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