Prophecy, coincidence or just story editing?

This is a theological question. Recently I saw a post by someone who I think maybe has something to do with the tv series “ The Chosen “ on IG. I forget her name. She’s an Asian woman who does something called like “ Bible tea time “ and skits of comedy often built around the chosen.

She mentioned something about Jesus having his feet anointed six days before Passover, and 2 days before his head being anointed with oil, and that it was hyperlinking back to a prophetic message of the lambs that were slaughtered on Passover had their feet announced six days before and their heads two days before and kept referencing back to exodus 12.

She was saying that the anointing of the lambs feet and heads 2,6 days before Passover foreshadowed the events of that happening to Christ as testimony to the supernatural influence on scriptures.

But I’m not seeing that anywhere. I’m not seeing it in exodus 12 or anywhere else? I see it happening to a Jesus in scripture, but I’m not seeing this happening to lambs. When I googled it, I looked at a handful of articles that said the same thing , but they never linked it to any particular Old Testament verse and so was wondering if anyone knew where it was coming from.


Absolutely no clue, @SkovandOfMitaze. You could contact the woman who made the claim.

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