Problem of Evil, God's Benevolence & Atheism

This is the general argument, quoting Epicurus that I have heard from atheists.
God is all powerful as God created the physical reality and everything in it from the relevant information in The Mind of God, which God upholds in the Divine Consciousness. Thus God created and sustains every being. Our body functions owing to the rules/laws /meaning of the relevant information. We have the ability to make changes, modifications but not change the basic forms and functions.
And God is benevolent because while God has given free will to test beings, nonetheless the creation is based on Justice. You cannot set directives to the Universe to do evil. This is why evil /inhumane people use underhanded foul game play to trick another person into reacting and thereby suffering harm.
God is also benevolent in bringing into Union all those who desire to be with God and have shown this by treading the Path of Righteousness. Enlightenment is by God’s Grace and not something achievable by any conscious being of their own efforts. .

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Well He’s not able. Because He’s not willing. God being the ground of being doesn’t make Him omnipotent in any theist sense, which is fine. And what is free will and what’s the test? And what and where is justice? The same for the Path of Righteousness. Enlightenment is by evolution and privilege and surviving and learning from suffering.

We can’t define God. Certainly God is Being, Existence but it is not possible for us to define God and say what God is. God is beyond our comprehension. We can only see some attributes, but we can’t understand the totality of what God is.
On what grounds do you say that God is not omnipotent?
Free will means we have the ability to make free choices and desires, we have free volition. We, as conscious beings, can select and uphold information in The Mind, which affects both ourselves and others within the physical realm and in The Mind.
I have to explain here that the evidence shows that there is only One Mind or The Mind of God. There is no evidence for the many minds theory that is put forth by scientists and psychiatrists/ psychologists. They are trying to say that a personal mind emerges out of the complexity of the brain, but this does not have any evidence supporting it.
The evidence for a One Mind is seen in three ways.

  1. Telepathy and ESP, which science is trying to deny. However the experiments are not done properly. I showed how the experiments are done here: Does Morality come from God, Evolution or both? We can show that one closely related person can present and ideas to another related person and the second one will perceive the ideas. For this to happen there can only be a One Mind, which is a common platform on which and through which we all participate and inter-relate.

  2. If we all had separate minds, then we would not have a shared reality. Each person would experience a different reality. We can only make observations and have agreement where there is a common ground. So we would not possibly have science nor even mathematics or philosophy. These all rely on a commonality.

  3. Entanglement would not be seen. scientists only want to accept the material reality and reject any non-physical reality. Some even try and explain entanglement introducing magical particles that defy all the laws of physics, eg., have infinite speed. The only way two or more particles can be entangled is if they share a common information set, in the non-physical reality. Then distance is no object. Both are governed by the information that they have in common. And if this is changed then we see decoherence.
    The test is that we follow our conscience and act ethically and where we falter that we are ready and willing to acknowledge our mistakes, have remorse and be willing to make amends. The test thus is that we have love and empathy. What this essentially means is that we act as to sustain and reinforce our spiritual connectivity, which is love.
    Justice in human affairs is fairness in the way we think, speak and act. Being ethical. That means we are equitable and supportive towards those who are humane and stand against and oppose the inhumane. Being ethical we are on the Path of Righteousness.
    Justice on the higher level has to do with the rules that govern creation.
    Enlightenment is a realization that one is not the personal self, but a conscious being. It is a shift in identification. The personal self, which is only a construct formed from ideas and corresponding bodily reactivity, vanishes and one realizes one’s true identity or true self.

Glad that you have all the answers your epistemology needs.

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