Problem Of Evil can be solved in a simple way

Usually when I represent the problem of evil to a mainstream Christian believer or any Christian who is unwilling to open his view a little ,the counterargument is usually “free will” . Here are my three cents on it

1: If you really think no where in the bible clearly state anything about free will

2:Natural disasters hense no unfairness always comes from people

3:Your free will ends when someone else’s begin.
How can a free willing species commit something against another free wills species?

All of this can be solved by simple admitting that
GOD is somewhat evil. Both good and evil. He created them both as someone would logically expect.

Isaiah 45:7 I from light and create darkness,I make weal and create woe,I the Lord do about these things

Omnibellevolence is a term used in 1679 as Wikipedia states Omnibenevolence - Wikipedia
Hense God is not “all-willing” to prevent evil in any way. No ancient theologian would not accept that

God is capable of evil . He has shown it enough times before. He is also capable of justice and love as well.

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