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This might be a good time to review the BioLogos policy on private messages.

Private Messages

If you would like to interact with another user on a specific topic but suspect it is not of interest to the majority of other users, please make use of the private message system. Although private messages are not moderated, they are accessible to the moderation team and the same expectations for gracious dialogue apply. Anyone found using the private message system to intimidate, harass, or demean another user will be blocked from the forum. Please report abuses or instances of repeated unwanted contact to the moderation team.


A good reminder. Certainly we encourage anyone to report such activity, and we do not monitor private messages unless we are invited, so reporting is the only way we can know about it.


It’s probably hard to think what is really fun to you may not be for everyone. I agree with your message though.

We have some more specific topics guidelines coming soon :slight_smile:


Actually, a person will often go to PM when he wants to bother somebody with impunity and knows he can’t get away with it on the forum. Years ago somebody was harassing me on the forum, but he was stopped. So he started to PM me, explaining that he was being “forced to continue his cross-examination” via PM!

My statement was strictly about what I saw in the OP. When someone makes a post, it’s probably because they find it interesting or concerning even if it’s boring to others.

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Please emphasize that people who break the rules on PMs are not guaranteed privacy. It doesn’t work like the Roman Catholic confessional.


People can and do ignore posts that are of no interest to them.


I must have misread the post whenever I seen it or somehow read another but clicked this one. I thought it said something about checking regulations before making a post or making posts that are not subjects of interest or something.

People hopefully are not bullying in PMs. I’ve not experienced it yet and I don’t think anyone feels that way about me. I don’t think I’ve even done PM for a long time. Was in one with Nick , Dale and Randy for like a year or so but pulled out of it and maybe been in one more since then, other than the threads that are turned to private threads.

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Sometimes they do. Over the years three different men have sent me PMs me with bullying and/or demeaning messages.

That sucks. I believe it. I’m in some other forums that are have a very different demographic and probably once or twice a month im messaged by them that im satanic or something crazy because of the typical views you’ll find many of us share in here.

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I’m one of the guilty parties (and I’ve asked for prayer from the moderators) but we all know who the other least gracious and least charitable regular posters are here.

As long as “venting” and generally criticizing a particular group or criticize the views of someone’s else’s in the PM’s is permitted I’m fine. Anything else than that you might wanna reconsider freedom of speech

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