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Ever since the photo of ‘Earth rise’ as seen from the moon was published, the future of our spaceship home has been a hot topic centering mostly on snthrpomorphic effects on climate and the environment. There is widespread agreement that major changes in human behavior are required, but disagreement on exactly what they should be and how fast they can be realistically be implemented. A number of posts on this Forum have dealt with certain aspects of these problems (Climate change & environment), and so this post may not be considered as a new thread. Hopefully it will provoke a few responses that will enlighten my viewpoint at least.

Over the past quarter century I have witnessed my younger daughter and her husband laboriously remove sagebrush from several acres of scrubland bordering the Yakima River (near the Tri-cities in Washington) turning it into a mini ranch where they raise a few black Angus cattle and free range chickens.

Question: Is this a step backward–replacing sagebrush with grassland, and also considering that some folks believe humankind should be mostly (or totally) vegan by the end of this century, Furthermore, PETA considers it immoral to keep any animals in captivity if not for simple companionship? (Peggy & Les have a waiting list of eager customers for their grass fed beef and free range eggs. Her email moniker is “egg lady”.)

Peggy is no spring chicken herself (having several great grandkids), and she expects that this mini ranch would be her retirement retreat. However, as a respiratory therapist during this corona virus pandemic, she works overtime in the ICU at the local hospital.

The people in the Tri Cities truly appreciate their caregivers, but she still needs a place to unwind and relax, enjoying the wildlife that finds their ranch an oasis: ducks from the pacific flyway using the two ponds, plus local owls and pheasants, (They must put up with coyotes, snakes and raccoons, however.)

I am sure that sincere activists like Greta Thunberg cannot condone my kid’s choice of lifestyle, but I see it as a reasonable compromise. Or am I just prejudiced?

Praying that all of you stays well,
Al Leo

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Great pics. As to the ethics of replacing sagebrush with grass, I don’t know, but in my area in Texas, native grasses have struggled and brush, notably mountain juniper, usually called “cedar,” invaded along with mesquite. The cause was past overgrazing by cattle and goats. In short, removal of the brush has revitalized the ranch land, allowing more water to reach the aquifer, and allowing greater diversity in wildlife. So, if you get a steak out of it, so much the better.

It is going to be interesting with this current pandemic if more will return to rural life, and what that will mean. Thanks for posting

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