Point Loma Biologos/Reasons-to-Believe 2019 Dialogue: Recording?

My understanding is that there will be a dialogue taking place next week, November 19, at Point Loma Nazarene University, between Biologos and Reasons to Believe, I assume in conjunction with the annual ETS meeting there in San Diego.

Are there any plans to record this dialogue and make it publicly available to listen/view? That would be great.



Any inside info?

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Yes, @Clarke_Morledge, it will actually be appearing in a couple weeks as a Language of God podcast episode! (Not sure if that’s a secret or not…haha) Thanks for asking!

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Can i watch it somewhere because im in Europe. Thanks in advance

Hi Nick,

Reasons to Believe will be video recording the event (we aren’t sure how they will be using or disseminating this yet), and BioLogos will be putting it in the form of a podcast episode. You will be able to use them in these forms.

Here is the event featured on the BioLogos page.

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