Podcast: Sy Garte | Beginning to Wonder

Sy Garte (@Sy_Garte ) didn’t have the kind of upbringing that would typically lead one to preaching sermons. His parents were members of the Communist party, materialists, and atheists. But as he started studying science he found some things that started him wondering about this idea that science can answer every question. His wondering opened the doorway, and he walked through, eventually encountering Jesus Christ and finding that his study and practice of science could go hand in hand with being a follower of Christ.


@Sy_Garte and @jstump, thank you for the interview. It was enlightening and inspiring.

I do have a problem, but I hope I have your attention because I think that you two are the best qualified to help solve it. The problem is that it does little good to talk about the wonders of science, when we have a a scientific mess festering before our eyes that few people seem to see. If science and Christianity cannot solve the riddle of natural selection, which gave us life, then what good are they?

Why this quote taken from the Language of God is important to me. Dr. Collins attributes the position I would take concerning natural selection to Darwin. I never claimed that my position unique and against science and this is the proof, however it has been rejected by people at BioLogos even though it seems that it was and is held by its founder.

Collins than says that believers in God reject evolution, which embraces survival of the fittest instead of survival of the adapted, because it is “an apparently random, potentially heartless, and inefficient process.” Natural selection is the determinant aspect of evolution.

Without an effective concept of natural selection which survival of the fittest is not, evolution is random, while science is not random. The struggle for survival is not potentially heartless, it is heartless and completely contradicts the fact that God is Love. Evolution does not have to be efficient, but it does need to have a purpose, or who can say that it is efficient or not.

Please, if you do not listen to me about natural selection and adaption to the environment, listen to Dr. Collins. God guides evolution by guiding the environment. There is nothing mysterious in theory in that but this fact can explain so much and heal so many wounds. This is what we need in these times of division. I just hope it is not too late.

Can you document this claim, Roger? I don’t know anyone here who would reject it.

eventually encountering Jesus Christ and finding that his study and practice of science could go hand in hand with being a follower of Christ.

This is True, i can testify to this. However when Science contradicts the Word of God that is a Science that you should not believe.

May I translate that to indicate what you are saying actually means?:

“However, when my understanding of science contradicts my interpretation of the word of God, that is a science that I do not believe.”

You believe your understanding of science is adequate and your interpretation of the Bible is infallible.

Truth comes from reality – the truth that comes from the reality of the data that God has revealed in the Bible and the truth that comes from the reality of the data that God has revealed in creation. They do not and cannot conflict. If they appear to, then your interpretation of one or the other or both is flawed.


@jstump, I have been told by the people at BioLogos that policy concerning science must be approved by a scientific advisory board, which at the present time seems to think that the Selfish Gene is settled science and therefore the standard for the organization. This while you and Dr. Collins might disagree the Selfish Gene, the organization does not. Please correct me if I am wrong.

However, more important than this, do you agree with me that “survival of the better adapted” provides a solid scientific foundation for evolution while also the means for God to guide evolution, reconciling theology and science in this manner?

When your reading of scripture contradicts the evidence of science which are procedures anyone can follow to get the same results no matter what you want or believe, then that is a reading of scripture you should abandon because it is not reasonable. The earth is NOT flat with four corners like a table, nor is it fixed and immovable. Likewise human being are nots descended from solely from a golem of dust and a golem of bone created by necromancy. Should not read the Bible that way because it God is telling us in all the information He sends to us from the earth and sky that this is not what the Bible intends us to understand.

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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