Podcast S2E9 - Rick Lindroth

The question of faith and science has often been posed in only one direction—how does faith affect science? As Christians this question is more comfortable because it plants our religious beliefs in the center, keeping them untouched. But what about when the question is flipped—when science affects faith? Rick Lindroth joins producer Colin Hoogerwerf to describe how this latter question has played an important role in his life. They also discuss the dangerous reality of insect collapse and the lonely grief of the ecologist.

LISTEN: https://biologos.org/podcast-episodes/rick-lindroth-hope-in-a-world-of-wounds

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This was another great episode. Certainly, the ‘lonely grief’ segment resonated with me even though I am not an ecologist, as did (shocker) the section on insect collapse.

Reminds, me of the Joni Mitchell song, ‘Big Yellow Taxi’:

All in all, it seems to go,
That you don’t what you’ve got
‘Till it’s gone.