Podcast S2E8 - Lynette Strickland

On today’s episode, Lynette Strickland joins host Jim Stump and producer Colin Hoogerwerf to ruminate on her love for creation. Lynette shares how her childhood curiosity in the natural world grew into a passion for doing science, why variation in a species could help it adapt to changing environments, and how studying beetles has helped her understand God’s creation.

I personally love the passion behind her voice. You can hear her smiling when taking about her favorite creations!

What things stuck out to you in this episode?

LISTEN: Lynette Strickland | Finding Beetles with God - Podcast Episode - BioLogos

Did I see a reference to beetles in the link? That’s enough to perk my interest! :nerd_face:

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I just listened this morning, she sounds just as excited about bugs as you are.


I loved this episode. Certainly inspired by her passion and loved getting to listen to another ‘true believer’ talk about the wonder and beauty of the insect world. So many cool examples mentioned: ants; butterflies; honeybees; praying mantis; the golden orb web spider, and, of course, the humble tortoise beetle!

That said the massive crash in global insect number is tragic. I have a deep personal sense of sadness that huge sections of insect species could be gone by the time I am 50! For illustrations, that’s like a sports fan learning that 40% of all global sports could be gone in the next 20 years. Gone and never coming back. Ever.

In that sense the podcast was a bit of a roller coaster of highs (Lynette’s love of beetles) and the lows of sleep walking into mass extinction.

Saying that, it was particularly nice to listen to this podcast having just spent the morning digging up beetle larvae in the woods with my boys. I certainly resonate with encountering God whilst looking for bugs! :grin:


Glad you enjoyed! She loves sharing about her beetles!

It was great. More entomologists, please! :yum:

Also, for anyone out there wondering, “What does a tortoise beetle look like?” - which is all of us, let’s face it(!) - the answer is only a click away! Enjoy.


I highly recommend scrolling down until you see the metallic blue one.

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Ooh, shiny!

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Thanks Liam. Glad to hear of your entomophilia (is that a word??).

I like it. If it isn’t it a word, it should be!

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