Podcast S1E1 - Francis Collins (part 1)

The new BioLogos podcast, “Language of God” launches with this first episode, a conversation Deb Haarsma and I have with Francis Collins. We talk about his scientific work, his conversion to Christianity, and even get to play some music with him.

Find this episode here: https://biologos.org/resources/language-of-god-francis-collins
All the others are at: https://biologos.org/podcast

Let’s use this thread to discuss anything related to the episode.

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Dear James, Thank you for posting this. I appreciate the insight and background. I have two areas to contribute to that I would hope you would consider.

  1. Francis mentioned the new study that is underway with a million participants and I think this a great opportunity to gather more than just genetic data. Could you please ask Francis to review my statical study of human behavior and use it to gather further data on the spiritual impact on human behavior, not explained by genetics?

  2. The second area that deserves deeper scientific study is the impact of music on the soul, and the soul’s impact on physiology. There has been a number of studies that I am aware of and I think this area of study is the scientific door to the discovery of the soul and its ethereal essence.

Best Wishes, Shawn

Listening to this reminds me of my own rather more complicated path to Christianity.

You certainly have a colourful background.

Thanks, @jstump and @DeborahHaarsma. It was a beautiful podcast–one I’d be happy to share with my YEC family to discuss mutual faith.

As an avid podcast listener - I’m quite pleased to add this to my subscriptions! Thanks for the work!

Thanks Randy!

Great! Glad to have you onboard.

This was wonderful! When will part 2 be released?

It will be episode 7. We’ll start releasing 5-8, at one per week next week.


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